Terra Incognita: Fillable Character Sheet

Terra Incognita is a RPG about a secret society of science-heroes called NAGS – the National Archæological, Geographic, and Submarine Society. They travel the world solving mysteries, discovering artifacts, and having adventures.

It’s based on the FUDGE system. It’s currently on sale at the Bundle of Holding site for the next few days. – FUDGE Bundle of Holding.

I’ve recently run a one-shot of Terra Incognita, and I’ve taken the PDF character sheet provided and made it fillable. You can also add an character image by clicking on the portrait box.

This is another in my endless list of RPG character sheets.


Thunder Lizards of the Lost Valley

I’m a big fan of In the Light of the Setting Sun (here’s my modified character sheet) by Jon Davis, a Wild West hack of Tunnel Goons. It’s a rules-light system

Recently a Setting Sun Jam has been set up on itch.io to create new material for the game.

I’ve made my own supplement to the jam. It’s called Thunder Lizards of the Lost Valley. It adds dinosaurs to the frontier setting. It’s heavily influenced by the 1969 film The Valley of Gwangi.

There are several dinosaurs, new equipment, and rules for lassoing large creatures.

Here’s the itch.io page for the supplement.


Operation Unfathomable: Black Hack Pregens

Operation Unfathomable is a super-fun, gonzo OSR underground wilderness crawl by Jason Sholtis.

I’ve run it a few times using the Black Hack OSR rules set. The book comes with ten pregenerated characters for Swords & Wizardry and other old-school D&D-style RPG.

To make it easier for myself, I took the characters and converted them to match the Black Hack rules a little more closely. I’m posting it here for anyone who might find it useful. Here’s the PDF with a sheet for each character, and a GM sheet with the basic stats for each character:

At the beginning of the adventure, the players are offered a list of magic items. I’ve made a PDF list of the items, each converted to the Black Hack rules, along with a conversion of a new spell from the adventure.


Cepheus Atom – Pregen Characters

I finally got to run a one-shot of Cepheus Atom, Stellagama Games’ post-apocalypse version of the Cepheus Engine. It’s a fun, light little system designed to run Gamma World-style games using Traveller-style rules.

Cepheus Atom doesn’t have a built in setting, so I threw together the Shabby Lands, a small hexcrawl. I’m thinking of cleaning it up a little and posting it on itch.io at some point.

I prepared a number of pregenerated characters for the one-shot. I’m reposting them here in PDF form for anyone who might find them useful. I used my Cepheus Atom fillable character sheet to create them.


Weird Books for Gamers V: An Atlas of Fantasy by J.B. Post

This is the fifth in my series of capsule reviews of non-fiction books that would be useful or inspiring in RPGs – Weird Books for Gamers

This 1979 book is pretty simple. It’s a collection of over 100 black & white maps of fictional worlds from various fictional works. There’s a short description for each.

An Atlas of Fantasy by J.B. Post (Goodreads)51-LkCLbyJL

Of course it has the usual suspects like Tolkien’s Middle Earth maps, Burroughs’ Mars maps, and Howard’s Hyborian Age map. The most interesting maps however, are much lesser known.

Some of my favorites:

  • Barsetshire, the fictional English county from Anthony Trollope’s novels.
  • Mars, as imagined by Leigh Brackett, Ray Bradbury, and Captain Future
  • Yoknapatawpha County, the fictional Mississippi county from the stories of William Faulkner.
  • Slobbovia, from the comic strip Lil’ Abner by Al Capp
  • The land of Swallows and Amazons, by Arthur Ransome
  • All of the lost cities Tarzan visited in the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels.

The many uses of this book for GMs is obvious. The maps can be places the PCs visit, or inspirations for new worlds the GM designs. Lots of games have been run in Burroughs’ Mars, but how many have used Captain Future‘s? Need a location to set a Call of Cthulhu game? Use Yoknapatawpha County or Barsetshire.

The book would make a great resource for a GM running Monte Cook’s The Strange. Each map is a recursion ready for use.


A Spelljammer Zine by people who haven’t read Spelljammer

size0There’s a game jam on itch.io called the HexDrive Zine Jam. It’s ending tonight. It’s a collection of articles for the D&D Spelljammer setting, but only by people who have never actually read the setting.

Just under the wire, I’ve added my own contribution – The Broken Shroud. It’s a short article about a Sargasso-sea like cloud of wrecked ships in space.


Angry Fan vs. Genre Show – my free Bookmark RPG at itch.io

angryfan_ss1As part of the 2020 Bookmark Jam over on itch.io, where people are designing games that fit entirely on a bookmark, I’ve added my own contribution.

I’ve made a game called

Angry Fan vs. Genre Show

A two player GM-less tabletop RPG designed to replicate the relationship between a genre TV show and its fanbase.

The whole game is on one 2.5″ by 8.5″ bookmark

One player is the Creative, who designs the TV show. They get to decide the premise of the show, and its budget

Another player is the Angry Fan, who describes the fan community and its reaction to the show.

Find out how many seasons of the show you get before cancellation. If you’re lucky, you might get a movie!

All you need is one six-sided die.



The Black Hack: Custom Template for Classes

I’ve made an ODT (Open Document Text file) template to create custom classes to match the style found in the Black Hack Second Edition book. I’ve designed it in LibreOffice. You can add your own text and images. You can print it directly or export it to a PDF.

BH2E_Template (ODT)

You’ll need the following free fonts to use it correctly.

Cocogoose Letterpress


Here’s some example PDF files I’ve made using the template

Here’s one I created for a class of my own design – the Clockwork Poet-Warrior (Valor-Mech)  – the art is from https://www.furaffinity.net/full/1726089/

BH2E_ValorMech (PDF)


Here’s two classes Jeff Call created on his Gelatinous Dome blog (highly recommended Tumblr!). The art and stats are both Jeff Call’s

The Gelman (link to Jeff Call’s site)

BH2E_Gelman (PDF)


The Time Tourist (link to Jeff Call’s site)

BH2E_TimeTourist (PDF)




My new favorite RPG site: One Shot Adventures

I run mostly one-shot adventures for my home RPG group, so I’m always on the look out for one-shot scenarios that will save me time.

With that in mind, I just came across this amazing blog – One Shot Adventures. There’s a whole bunch of table-ready one-shot adventures in multiple genres (including pulp – which is harder to find adventures for)

Each adventure has multiple versions for several different RPG systems (always including GURPS), with a printer-friendly version of each.

The production value is excellent (especially for free stuff). They include pregen sheets, maps, table tents, and even Roll20 assets. This stuff will save me hours of work.



Cepheus Atom: Fillable Character Sheet for new post-apocalyptic RPG

Stellagama Publishing recently released Cepheus Atom, a sci-fi RPG set in a gonzo, Gamma World-style post apocalypse world.

It’s a stripped down version of the Cepheus Engine/Traveller rules. Most of the Cepheus stats are gone, and the character generation is a simple point buy instead of the normal career system. It looks like a excellent game for beginners.

I’m looking forward to running a one-shot of this next week. I’ll probably add in some stuff from Red Box Vancouver’s Metamorphica Revised book for flavor.

I didn’t see any character sheets for it so I’ve made one of my own. The design is very much based on the sheets for another post-apocalypse game I’m fond of, called the Gene Hack. This is a fairly simple sheet, I may make more advanced version later with specific weapon and armor sections.

I’ve made an US Letter and A4 version. You can click in the upper right hand corner to import an image.

CepheusAtom_CharSheet_Letter (PDF)

CepheusAtom_CharSheet_A4 (PDF)

I’ve added this post to my ever-expanding list of character sheets.