The Exchange – a scenario for Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes

They Came to Rob Las Vegas poster art Elke Sommer Frank McCarthyThis is a scenario for Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes, for up to 8 players. It’s an espionage adventure inspired by old episodes of Mission Impossible and similar shows.

It takes place sometime during the Cold War, around 1967-1972, though it could be easily used in other eras.

The players will be agents of TAROT, a western intelligence agency. It’s presumed each player is an intelligence agent or someone with special abilities recruited into TAROT.

It was designed to be used with the pregens in a previous post, though it should work with any characters. It would be easier if they had a intelligence background and skills.

Here’s the main scenario:


I’ve also included a map of the island where the scenario takes place. It includes some clip art from Filippo Vanzo, who makes maps at This map comes from the Mini-Pack #01: Islands pack


Here are handouts with photos and salient facts for each of the important NPCs. There are two NPCs per page (so you can cut them in half):


I’ve also made a combat sheet to track ammo and CON for all likely combatants.


This is a printable list of cards with weapon info for some the weapons the players might pick up during the adventure.


The data on the cards came from

Modus Operandi is a site with all kinds of great espionage RPG stuff, including for MSPE.

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