Hobomancer – Character Sheets & Pregens

Hobomancer is a RPG from Hex Games in which you play Hobomancers, members of  a secret society of hobo magicians constantly traveling across Depression-Era America. They use their powers to battle otherworldy supernatural threats and protect reality itself. It uses the QAGS (Quick Ass Games System) ruleset, a light story-based system. There's also a QAGS … Continue reading Hobomancer – Character Sheets & Pregens

Troika! Character/Cheat Sheets

I recently ran a quick session of Troika!, the fantasy RPG from the Melsonian Arts Council. It's a simple system based on the old Fighting Fantasy System.The whole thing has a wonderful, weird, psychedelic acid-fantasy vibe. Definitely worth checking out There's a nice review of the system here: http://www.jasonpym.com/stuff/2019/03/14/a-review-of-the-troika-rpg/ To prepare for the session, I … Continue reading Troika! Character/Cheat Sheets