Troika! Character/Cheat Sheets

troika.pngI recently ran a quick session of Troika!, the fantasy RPG from the Melsonian Arts Council. It’s a simple system based on the old Fighting Fantasy System.The whole thing has a wonderful, weird, psychedelic acid-fantasy vibe. Definitely worth checking out

There’s a nice review of the system here:

To prepare for the session, I put together some character sheet PDFs combined with some rules cheat sheets for each player.

I took two character sheet images designed by Jim Magnusson from this post on the Secret DM’s blog and made them letter-sized PDFs. There are two versions:



I’ve added rules summaries on the back side of each one.

I took the rules summary text from David Schirduan’s Troika Reference Sheet that I got from his site (his version is way nicer looking). He has a lot of other reference sheets available there as well:

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