Gamma World 1st edition – Fillable Character Sheets & Artifact sheet

Best RPG illustration ever

I’m in the middle of preparing a one-shot game of the original 1978 edition of Gamma World for next week.  I ran this game for years when I was a kid in the 80s, so it was a big nostalgia kick to start reading through it again.

For character sheets, I’ve taken the sheets Patrick M. Murphy posted on his site and made a fillable version:


You can click on the portrait area of the PDF to insert an image.

If a player picks up a technological device from the old world, it’s not assumed the PC can immediately figure out its function or how to use it. GW has a fun little subsystem to allow PCs to experiment with an artifact.

There is a flowchart that the players move across randomly by rolling a D10. They can either eventually figure it out, or possibly cause it to malfunction or even explode.

The three flowcharts in the book are a little small & crude, so I’ve started working on larger, nicer versions.

Here’s the first one  – it’s just for one chart (chart A)


Eventually I’ll get around to the other two.


One thought on “Gamma World 1st edition – Fillable Character Sheets & Artifact sheet

  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing the character sheet. I’ve meaning to do the same thing for years, so thanks for helping my laziness pay off! LOL


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