Alien Xenomorphs Paper Miniatures with Cutfiles

Over on Cardboard Warriors, a great web board for people who create and use paper miniatures, the user Yifferman posted some Alien Xenomorph paper minis a few years back.

Recently I ran a one-shot GURPS adventure set in the Aliens movie universe from the Game Geekery Blog. In the scenario, the players are Colonial Marines battling swarms of aliens. So I needed to print a lot of aliens quickly.IMG_20191018_032219394

To make a swarm of aliens to fight I created a cutfile for use with my Silhouette paper cutter.  This is a machine, usually sold in craft stores, that can cut paper based on digital files.

In case anyone wants to make their own alien horde, the cutfiles are posted here:

Aliens Xenomorph Cutfile with images

Aliens Xenomorph PDF


One thought on “Alien Xenomorphs Paper Miniatures with Cutfiles

  1. Cardboard Warriors is such a good site. Thank you for sharing these!! I always wanted to use aliens or at least the movie-feel for Jim Kramer’s Arachnophobia! I wonder how hard it would be to reskin the baddies in that module as Alien-type creatures. Hmmm. Thanks again!!


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