Basic Fantasy – Spells & Magic: Table Reference – Beta Version

BF_BlankCover_DigestMy go-to system when I’m running OSR stuff is Basic Fantasy. It’s my favorite blend of old-school style and a cleaner, more modern rule set.

One thing I do prefer about other versions, however, are the digest-sized or A5 sized booklets they are often printed in. A recent example is the Necrotic Gnome’s Old-School Essentials line. I find having a few smaller books at the table is less unwieldy than one big rule book.

One of the best things about Basic Fantasy, is that all of it is open-source. It comes in both PDF files and editable OpenOffice files. This means,  if you are so inclined – you can assemble your own books. So I’ve started to make my own little Basic Fantasy table reference books.

The first one is a Spells & Magic book – It has the basic rules for spell casting along with a complete list of spells for Magic Users, Clerics, Illusionists, and Druids.

I’m still tidying it up a little ( I haven’t put in the credits or introduction), but I thought I’d post it here and see if I could get any feedback. Let me know what you think.

Basic Fantasy – Spells & Magic

Cover Image

Still a work-in-progress, but it does take up less space.



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