Spirit of 77 – Character Sheet Additions

77Monkeyfun Games’ Spirit of 77 is one of my favorite of the Powered by the Apocalypse systems.

It takes all of the tropes and genres from 1970s pop culture and mixes them up in a gonzo adventure game.

My only small issue with the game is that the playbook sheets (“Role” sheets) don’t have quite enough information on them to make character creation easy. Players will need to pass the rulebook around to get the Attribute arrays, suggested hooks, and suggested Starting Gear.

To save time, I’ve made character creation cheat sheets for each of the roles in the main book and the extra ones in Wide World of 77 supplement.

Here’s a PDF of all of the cheat sheets for each role. It includes Atrribute arrays,  Buzz suggestions, Hooks, Thang suggestions, and starting gear.


Here’s the same PDF combined with the original role sheets. This will let you print the role sheets with the extra info on the back.


*** Update

Here’s the extra character creation info for the Escape Artist role found in Double Feature #1 – Disco Ambulance and Women’s Prison of the Apes.




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