Omega 99 (Traveller/Cepheus Engine): Character Sheet & Table Tent

charsheetviewOver on DrivethruRPG, Michael Brown has putting put a whole series of short settings and adventures for Cepheus Engine/Traveller. They’re all pretty interesting, but my favorite is the setting Omega 99. It’s basically a homage to the old 1970s show Space 1999.

The premise is that, sometime in the future,  the Moon has mysteriously been transported through space to a unknown location. Players are scientists, explorers, and soldiers who were assigned to Moonbase Omega, and are now marooned far from home.

The one sheet has information about the moonbase, the alien sector of space, and three alien civilizations. It packs a lot into one double-sided sheet.

I’ve made my own character sheet & table tent PDF. It’s designed to use the same fonts and graphics that the series did.


***UPDATE – Due to a small error in the UPP calculation, I’ve made a revised version of this character sheet.


***UPDATE 10/4/2021 – I’ve made a slightly better version here:

2021 Revised Omega 99 Sheet

It will automatically calculate the modifiers, and fill in the check boxes. Encumbrance will also be calculated. The third page is the table tent. It will automatically be filled in when the character sheet is filled out.

Images can be imported by clicking on the badge area if the upper right-hand corner of the sheet.


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