Sword of Cepheus – Character Sheet & Table Tent (Final Version)

swordofcepheus3I finally got around to running my first game of Sword of Cepheus – Stellagama Games’ fantasy RPG. It uses Traveller/Cepheus Engine rules.

I’ve made my finalized version of a fillable character sheet (previous version here). It includes a table tent.

Sword of Cepheus – Fillable Character Sheet (PDF)

I’ve moved the weapon list to the first page, and added a field to keep help track of the corruption level for sorcerers.  It will calculate the Corruption Weakness Level automatically (END x 3).

You can click in the upper right hand corner (just to the right of Terms/Age) to add an image to the sheet.

Here’s a pregenerated character to show how a filled out sheet would look.

The_Sword_of_Cepheus_TarlocThe Shamed


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