Mutant Crawl Classics – Hive of the Overmind – Monster Reference

mcc01TL;DR: All stats for monsters in MCC-01: Hive of the Overmind

I’ve recently run a few sessions of Mutant Crawl Classics, Goodman Games’ gonzo post-apocalypse RPG.

I ran two groups through MCC-01: Hive of the Overmind – a zero-level funnel adventure set in a underground hive/AI complex. It’s pretty well designed (though deadly), and my players had a lot of fun.

When I run a prepared adventure, I like to have all of my stats for the monsters in one place, on separate sheets of paper, with check boxes so I can track the hit points. It also saves time, so that I don’t have to flip through the book as much.

I’ve taken all of the stats for encounters in MCC-01 and put them in one 4-page PDF. If you ever run MCC-01, you you might find it useful.

MCC01_HiveOfTheOvermind_MonsterRef (PDF Version)

UPDATE – It occurred to me that someone might want to create their own versions of this, or use the format for their own monster reference sheet, so I’m also adding the original ODT file I used to create the PDF. It can be used in LibreOffice, Microsoft Word, and most other word processors.

MCC01_HiveOfTheOvermind_MonsterRef (ODT version)

This file uses the following free fonts to match the MCC rulebook: Book Antiqua, Duvall Small Caps, Cooper Black, Fate Core Glyphs

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