The Mechanoid Invasion – Character Sheets for yet another dead RPG

Brain_2The first RPG Palladium Book ever put out was the The Mechanoid Invasion. The original book came out in 1981, and had two expansion books published (Journey, and Homeworld).

The game was a story of a race of technologically advanced cyborgs called the Mechanoids, who are in the process of invading and dismantling a distant human-settled world called Gideon E. The players were intended to be soldiers, desperately defending the planet against the hordes of humanoid-hating Mechanoids.

An interesting twist was that Gideon E was doomed. It was clear that the humans could not possibly win. The later books detail how some humans could survive the destruction of Gideon E by hiding in the Mechanoid’s continent-sized spacecraft, living like rats in the walls.

lba3The rules were somewhat similar to Palladium’s later game: Rifts

The original is long out of print, but all three of the original books were updated and re-printed as The Mechanoid Invasion Trilogy.

I’ve made a three-page fillable character sheet for the original edition. The third page is only necessary if the character is an Esper with psionic powers.





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