Omega 99 – More Player Handouts – Stun Guns & Commlocks

stungunI’m continuing to prepare material for a game of Omega 99, the Cepheus Engine setting based on Space 1999.

I’ve previously created a character sheet, and a Peregrine spacecraft handout.

Now I’m working on the actual equipment the crew of Moonbase Omega will be issued. I’ve made a player handout for two of most important pieces of equipment seen on the original show.

First, I’ve created stats for the Stun Gun, the combination laser pistol / stun ray.

Omega99_StunGun (PDF)

Also, the Commlock – the personal computer & communicator used on the show.

Omega99_Commlock (PDF)

These are both based on information from the Space 1999 website the Catacombs, and an old 1977 promotional book by Starlog magazine –  The Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook. (Most of the drawings came directly from this book)


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