Omega 99 – Peregrine Transport Spacecraft – Traveller/Cepheus Engine

peregrineI’m continuing to play around with the Traveller/Cepheus Engine setting Omega 99. This is the one-sheet setting Michael Brown put out that is clearly inspired by the old 70s’ TV show Space 1999. I made a character sheet for Omega 99 in a previous post.

I’ve designed, as accurately as I could, the Peregrine transports that Moonbase Omega uses. These are the game equivalents to the Eagle spacecraft in the TV show.


For reference I used the following sources:

Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook: Published by Starlog in 1977, this contains blueprints and designs for all of the fictional tech from the show.

The Catacombs: A super detailed fan site for Space 1999.

PDF Version

I’ve made a PDF version that can be used as a handout for players – Omega99_Peregrine (PDF)

Peregrine Transports

Peregrine-Class 50-ton cutters are Moonbase Omega’s main defense and exploration vehicle. There are usually 15 Peregrines ready for missions at all times. They do not have jump drives, but can be ferried by Omega’s one Edari vessel to other systems to carry out missions.

Moonbase Omega has the capability to repair and even manufacture new Peregrines as needed.

Peregrine-Class Cutter
Hull: Hull 1, Structure 1
Armor: Titanium 4 pts
Maneuver Drive:  sK
Power Plant: Fusion sK
Acceleration: Thrust 4
Fuel Tank: 1.3 tons – 1 weeks worth of fuel
Computer: Model 2 – Rating 10
Standard Programs: Evade, Fire Control
Electronics Package: Basic Civilian – Lidar, Radar

Weapon Systems
Many Peregrines have one double turret
1 beam laser
1 missile rack
12 smart missiles

Peregrines are designed to carry any one of the following 30 ton utility pods:
Type B: Transporter – Cabin for 8 people, 1 airlock
Type C: Reconnaissance – 4 Passengers, weapons rack, 1 airlock
Type D: Laboratory – Laboratory for 4 scientists, 1 airlock
Type E: Rescue – Medical locker with medicine and supplies, sickbay, 1 airlock
Type F: Cargo Transport – 29 tons of cargo space, 1 airlock
Type G: Winch Platform – This module contains a powerful motor and winch used to lift large loads.

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