Omega 99 – Raptor Attack Craft


Here’s another addition to the collection of Omega 99 stuff I’ve been putting together.

It’s a new attack craft for Moonbase Omega – based on the Hawk craft that appeared in the original Space 1999 series. (Note: I did cheat a little when adding the extra turret to a 50-ton craft, but I wanted to match the orginal vessel a little more closely.)

Here’s the PDF handout version for players – Omega99_Raptor (PDF)

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Raptor-Class 50-ton attack craft are the newest addition to Moonbase Omega’s complement of spacecraft.

When Moonbase Omega arrived in its new location and encountered the hostile Kahgg, it was decided that stronger defenses were needed. The Raptor uses the same framework as the Peregrine transports, but sacrifices the module capability for heavier armor and weapons.

There are currently only 5 Raptors available for use. They are only intended for the defense of Moonbase Omega, and would never be assigned to out-of-system missions, except in extreme circumstances.

Moonbase Omega has the capability to repair and even manufacture new Raptors, but resources are limited, and they likely cannot be produced in great numbers.

Raptor-Class Attack Ship

Hull: Hull 1, Structure 1
Armor: Titanium, Self-Sealing 8 pts
Maneuver Drive: sM
Power Plant: Fusion sM
Acceleration: Thrust 5
Fuel Tank: 1.3 tons – 1 weeks worth of fuel
Computer: Model 2 – Rating 10
Standard Programs: Evade, Fire Control
Electronics Package: Basic Civilian – Lidar, Radar

Weapon Systems

All Raptors have two double turrets. Each turret has the following:

1 beam laser
1 missile rack
12 smart missiles

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