Sword of Cepheus – Pregen Characters for the Dispute

I’ve recently been running adventures in my Dispute setting for Sword of Cepheus.
I rolled up a few pregenerated characters for the game. I’m posting them here, for anyone who might find some use for them.
Arjguardianus, Sultanzade of the House Vermillion – Humbled noble seeking glory and status.
Hanim – Vagabond and teller of tall tales
Mirata – Grim champion of House Vermillion. Bodyguard to Sultanzade Arjus
Grojon – Janissary of the Legion Unending. I used my custom Janissary career for this one.
Little Wing – Twitchy thief on the run
Tarloc the Shamed – Disgraced boy sorcerer & Master of the Black Arts

Here are the PDFs of the character sheets. I used my custom Sword of Cepheus character sheet to create these.
If you print these, you probably only need to print the first two pages. Tarloc may want to print the third page with the spells as well. The fourth page is a paper table tent.

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