Omega 99 – Revised Character Sheet

charsheetviewThis is an update to a previous post, where I posted a character sheet for Omega 99, the Cepheus/Traveller setting based on Space 1999.

I’ve noticed a small error in the calculations, when it’s creating the UPP that appears on the character sheet and the table tent.

Here is the revised version:



2 thoughts on “Omega 99 – Revised Character Sheet

  1. This stuff is great! Ideas: If you’re going for straight copies of the craft from the TV show, instead of new but similar ships (I saw a not-Space:1999 rpg on Google Groups before they shut down, called “Mission Alpha”, for which Rob Garitta designed a “Hawk Shuttle”), what ship from the series would you use for the FTL ship that the good guy aliens gave to Omega? And since the TV show had a few other Earth ships show up, probeships, shuttles, etc, can you think of any excuses for such in the game? The Omegans are a bit far from Earth for Earth ships to have got there naturally, but maybe abandoned launch facilities could be on the lunar surface, disappeared ships could have been spacewarped there; heck, if you wanted a campaign with a definite end, the ship from the episode “The Bringers of Wonder”, instead of being an alien trick, could really be earth’s first jump-capable ship!



  2. Glad you’re enjoying it.

    I’ve been thinking about the FTL ship the Omegans have quite a bit. My first idea is that the only thing the Omegans get from the Edari is the Jump drive itself, and they have to make a ship of their own, that they can use to ferry Peregines to other systems. For the design, I’m thinking of using the Ultra Probe that appeared in one episode:

    Alternately, this fan drawing:

    As for bringing other earth ships; I’m thinking if I do it, I’ll probably use the excuse that the effect that transported the Moon, also brought other bits of space in the Solar System through. Possibly they could have ended up in other solar systems, or even haven’t arrived yet.

    Another idea that I had was that the Mecharchs, trying to replicate what happened to the Moon, accidentally transport some new Earth ships to this area of space.


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