Omega 99 – Pregenerated Characters

space1999_bergmanFor my upcoming Omega 99 (Space 1999 with Traveller rules)  games, I’ve made some pregenerated character PDFs based on the characters from the TV show.  The sheets use the custom Omega 99 character sheet I’ve posted previously.

And before anyone asks, I don’t yet have stats for Maya.

I took a lot of the background text from the Catacombs – the Space 1999 fansite.

spkoenighs  Omega99_Keonig

sphelhs  Omega99_Russell

spvictorhs  Omega99_Bergman

spcalanm  Omega99__Carter

spcsandra  Omega99__Benes

spctonys   Omega99_Verdeschi

spcpauls  Omega99__Morrow


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