Nexus: The Infinite City – Character Sheet for yet another dead RPG

Nexus,_The_Infinite_City.jpgNexus: The Infinite City was a RPG about a trans-dimensional city called Nexus that consisted of chunks of various realities. Each neighborhood in the city had its own physical laws – some were high-tech, some were magical. There were also portals to infinite numbers of other alternate realities and dimensions.

Players would play Nexans, denizens of the city who could travel between the worlds, finding adventure as traders or mercenaries.

It seems heavily inspired by the 1980’s comic series Grimjack

The 1994 book, from Daedalus Games, listed all of the various city neighborhoods and some of the more common dimensions that could be accessed from Nexus.

It apparently wasn’t terribly successful. It’s been out-of-print for years, and there isn’t a PDF version of it available. There is only one supplement for the game, called Nexus Life.

I’ve had a copy of this game for years, and have never actually gotten a chance to run it, but I have made a two-page fillable PDF character sheet for it.

**07/20/2022** – Made small update to character sheet. Small fix to background field, so the font shrinks if more text is added

Nexus_CharSheet_Revised (PDF)

Here are some old reviews that go into a little more detail about the rules:

I’ve also added this to the complete list of character sheets I’ve been working on.


2 thoughts on “Nexus: The Infinite City – Character Sheet for yet another dead RPG

  1. Hi! You seem to have more or less the same collection of old RPGs I have.

    Can I ask you how old are you – in vague terms at least (e.g. I am close to 60 than 50 now).

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  2. I first discovered the legendary Martial Arts tabletop RPG Feng-Shui , wich has been published two years after Nexus. But one day, perusing the alleys of my favorite brick and mortar game store in Toulouse, France, “Jeux du Monde”, I discovered this incredible book, Nexus, wich was the source of the system later used by Robin Laws for Feng-Shui !

    Sadly this game has remainded to confidential, maybe because the setting was a little too weird to become mainstream, but the system was very new and interesting.
    Thanks for the character sheet, it could see some use one of this day, for a nostalgic visit to the city of Nexus ! 🙂

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