The Black Hack: Custom Template for Classes

I’ve made an ODT (Open Document Text file) template to create custom classes to match the style found in the Black Hack Second Edition book. I’ve designed it in LibreOffice. You can add your own text and images. You can print it directly or export it to a PDF.

BH2E_Template (ODT)

You’ll need the following free fonts to use it correctly.

Cocogoose Letterpress


Here’s some example PDF files I’ve made using the template

Here’s one I created for a class of my own design – the Clockwork Poet-Warrior (Valor-Mech)  – the art is from

BH2E_ValorMech (PDF)


Here’s two classes Jeff Call created on his Gelatinous Dome blog (highly recommended Tumblr!). The art and stats are both Jeff Call’s

The Gelman (link to Jeff Call’s site)

BH2E_Gelman (PDF)


The Time Tourist (link to Jeff Call’s site)

BH2E_TimeTourist (PDF)



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