Operation Unfathomable: Black Hack Pregens

Operation Unfathomable is a super-fun, gonzo OSR underground wilderness crawl by Jason Sholtis.

I’ve run it a few times using the Black Hack OSR rules set. The book comes with ten pregenerated characters for Swords & Wizardry and other old-school D&D-style RPG.

To make it easier for myself, I took the characters and converted them to match the Black Hack rules a little more closely. I’m posting it here for anyone who might find it useful. Here’s the PDF with a sheet for each character, and a GM sheet with the basic stats for each character:

At the beginning of the adventure, the players are offered a list of magic items. I’ve made a PDF list of the items, each converted to the Black Hack rules, along with a conversion of a new spell from the adventure.

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