Felicity Part II: The Townsfolk of Felicity

Here’s the second post on the town of Felicity, my spaghetti western influenced setting for In the Light of the Setting Sun, the wild west indie RPG from Jon Davis. This has a list of notable townsfolk.

I’ve listed stats for all the major characters, occasional quotes by and about each person that can be used in game,  and any possible connections to the pregen characters I’ll be posting soon.

All of the photos, and some of the quotes came from the movie site Once Upon a Time in a Western.

Much of the jargon comes from the Writer’s Guide to the Old West.


Colonel Osiris Baltimore

Richest man in town. Col. Baltimore made his fortune in the last few working silver mines. Lives in fear his dwindling fortune will eventually disappear. He is constantly plotting to restore his finances through schemes and treachery. Owns a good amount of the land in and around the town. He lives in a fortress-like ranch compound just outside of town limits.
IRN: 3    HP: 38    Damage: 2d4
“He had big plans to get rich, but it all come a cropper, when the railroad didn’t come through.”

Eugenia Baltimore

The colonel’s beautiful daughter. Looking for a way out of Felicity – any way.
IRN 2 HP 22 Damage 1d6  

Loper Johnson

Corrupt Sheriff of the town of Felicity. Lackey of Colonel Baltimore. Has designs on Eugenia Baltimore.
IRN: 9 HP: 38 Damage: 2d8
Always has at least 2 deputies backing him up.
“See this piece of tin? It means I can do what I like, when I like”
“That fella’s as mean as wet polecat”

Johnson’s Deputies

IRN: 8    HP: 32, 23, 29, 24    Damage: 3d6

Swaydon Fontaine

Slick Banker & Four-flusher
Owner of the Felicity 1st National Savings & Loan. Works as a middleman for smugglers & thieves of all kinds.
IRN: 8    HP 36  Damage 3d6
Disadvantage on all WIT rolls
“I swear that man is a flannel-mouthed liar.”
“He’s got his muck rakes in every pie in the territory”

Rev. Artemis Wrathwood

Pompous and corrupt. Pastor of the New Assumption Church of the Redeemer. Secret agent of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico. Has a band of loyal Austrian mercenaries.
IRN: 3    HP: 38    Damage: 2d4  
“Stiff as a board, that one”

Austrian Mercenaries(4)

Disguised as out-of-work miners. Loyal to Rev. Wrathwood.
IRN: 8  HP: 32, 23, 29, 24 Damage: 3d6

Austrian Sniper

If needed, will be stationed in the tower of Wrathwood’s church
IRN: 8    HP: 25    Damage: 3d6
Disadvantage on REF rolls at distance

Toomey Gang

A family of vicious outlaws, led by the wicked and scheming Zemeriah. They’re laying low in Felicity until the heat dies down. (not the law, the Toomeys don’t care about that – they’re just waiting for cooler weather)

Zachariah Toomey

Eldest brother. Wiry, beady-eyed. Noted hornswoggler & backshooter
IRN:13    HP: 48    Damage: 2d8
Backshooter: REF disadvantage when Zachariah attacks from behind or has surprise.

Zebulon Toomey

Youngest Brother. Big & dumb, fists like sledgehammers.
IRN:13    HP: 60    Damage: 2d8    Fists: 2d10 Damage
Tough: Wounds will never cause disadvantage.

Zemeirah Toomey

Eldest Sister & leader of the gang. Enemy of Sourdough Annie. Annie killed Zebediah Toomey during a botched stage robbery. Scheming & cruel
IRN:13    HP: 52    Damage: 2d8
Fireworks: Has 3 attacks with dynamite 3d6 each. Area effect against several characters.


Bounty killer. Cool and professional. Nothing’s personal to him, it’s all just a business proposition. He’s in Felicity to kill someone, possibly a PC, or one of the townsfolk.
IRN:13    HP: 52    Damage: 2d8
Experienced Gunman: No advantage against him, ever.
“It’s nothing personal, son. You’re just a line in my ledger.”
“They say he’s killed more men than typhoid”

Flynn Trager, the Miskaloona Kid 

Hotheaded kid. Eager to make a name for himself as a pistolero. Enemy of Joe Gage.
IRN:13    HP: 46    Damage: 2d8
On a roll of 18 gets six consecutive attacks
“That boy is as game as a banty rooster.”
“He’s on the prod, and looking for blood”
“Skin that lead pusher, Mister – and we’ll see who’s the best”

Padre Brown

Actually “Gravestone” Grayson, the Butcher of Barstow. He has a $5,000 price on his head. He’s hiding out, pretending to be a priest until something better comes along. Any player with experience as a lawman or a bounty hunter may make a WIT roll at a disadvantage to recognize the fugitive.
He keeps secret caches of guns and money throughout the church
IRN:18    HP:55    Damage: 3d10
Secret Guns: When in the church building, all defensive REF rolls are at disadvantage.
“Around here, a good Christian keeps a gun handy. What’s the matter with you, boy. Wanna die young?”
“He’s a good fellow for a papist. Keeps to himself, helps out the mudsills”


Former Union demolition man. Now works as a gravedigger and caretaker of the cemetery on Peddler’s Hill. Has a lot of dynamite. He’s crazy and a little lazy, so he uses dynamite to dig new graves.
IRN:18 HP:55 Damage: 3d10
“That crazy old coot lives in a shotgun shack in the bone orchard over on Peddler’s Hill”
“See that slope there. It used to be a mountain ’til I got to it.”

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