Tiny Living Dead – Fillable Character Sheet

I’ll be running a one-shot of Tiny Living Dead, the zombie RPG, later this week. It’s by Gallant Knight Games, and uses their house system, Tiny D6. This same system is used by Tiny Dungeon and Tiny Frontiers. It’s a fun, light system that’s great for one-shots. (it’s also on the Bundle of Holding for another day or so – Link)

I wasn’t crazy about the included character sheets (a bit too small), so I’ve made my own. They are letter-sized, fillable, and you can import an image by clicking in upper right hand corner.

I’ve made both color and Black & White versions.

I’ve added this to my ever-expanding page of character sheets.

Note: Changing the Hit Points number will change the number of check boxes automatically. Tiny Living Dead characters default to 6 HP, so I’ve made that the default on the sheet.

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