It’s All Happening at the Zoo – A Tiny Living Dead scenario with Pregens

I recently ran a one-shot of Tiny Living Dead, the Tiny D6 RPG from Gallant Knight Games. Half the party died.
Here are the pregens I used, created with my custom TLD character sheet:

A cheat sheet of the basic Tiny D6 rules for each player:

Here’s the scenario I used – it’s a rough outline, but usable.

It’s All Happening at the Zoo*

*this is a musical reference for old people

What the players know

The world is in the midst of a global zombie apocalypse. Dead humans are rising again as slow Romero-style walkers.

Your community, a small camp in Boakes Creek, OH, is in desperate need of medicine. All of the other hospitals in the area have been looted, so you are making a desperate attempt to get to the medical center of the Columbus Zoo to load up on much needed supplies.

According the final few news reports from the city, before Columbus fell, the zoo authorities had sealed off the zoo to prevent the animals from escaping. You’re hoping that the zoo fences and walls have kept most of the walkers out. You intend to travel by a small boat down the Scioto River to the Zoo directly. You were given a rough map of where the medical center is by a wanderer who said he used to work there.

There’s a road bisecting the zoo, littered with walkers, and you’ll have to cross it to get to the medical center. The map indicates there is a pedestrian tunnel you can use to avoid the road.

GM Notes

If they ask, tell the players they’ve never heard of non-humans becoming zombies. In fact, many of the zoo animals have been infected and reanimated.

When the players arrive at the zoo, they can easily find copies of the actual pre-apocalypse zoo map:

The zoo is the domain of two gangs. The tunnel is a no-man’s zone between the two gangs. It is constantly guarded on both ends. The road separating the two halves of the zoo is fenced off and riddled with walkers. Both gangs are afraid to try and cross the tunnel to attack the other gang. If the fence is breached, human zombies will flood the zoo.

The Zoo Keepers – The actual remnants of the zoo keepers. They are fanatically devoted to protecting the remaining animals and getting rid of the Rolling Wonders. They control the zoo east of the road along the river. They have fortified the Reptile House as their base.

Morris: Head of the zookeepers. Wears a tattered zoo uniform, several sizes too big. Will not allow uninfected animals to be killed, but may accept help in attacking the Rolling Wonders. Is aware that some zoo animals have been reanimated, but will not volunteer this information

Has access to an Elephant Gun – 2 shots, 2 pts damage. 4 bullets available.
Names of Zoo Keepers: Trina, Douglas, Brianna, Duane, Carter, Mickey
HP: 2 each, armed with rifles.

The Rolling Wonders – They used to be a bowling league in Columbus – now they’re a blood-thirsty gang, though they still wear their league shirts. They control the west part of the zoo, including the medical center, though they’re not aware of its existence. 

The Wonders  have 2 men for each of the players. They are armed with machetes, and various firearms.
HP: 2 each

They’ve built a fortress around the food court out of food carts and debris. Imagine the settlement from The Road Warrior. The walls are about 20′ high. The Wonders will retreat there if threatened.

They’ve also built a wall of cars from the parking lot in the north of the Asia Pavilion. They’re terrified of a loose Zombie elephant. Any excessive noises (like a sustained gun battle) will attract the elephants attention, and she will quickly breach the car barrier to enter the pavilion.

They have a small barricade on their side of the tunnel. There are usually two gun toting Wonders manning it. It includes a cage with a zombie tiger that they will release into the tunnel at the first sign of an attack.

If you need more zoo info – the Columbus Zoo is a real place.

The Medical Center

The medical center is padlocked on the outside. Inside, all of the medical supplies are untouched. There is, however, a human zombie in medical scrubs lurking in a dark corner. NOTE: This place is totally fictional; I have no idea where the Columbus Zoo actually keeps its medical supplies.

Zombie animal encounters.

The following are some of the animals that might be found roaming around the zoo paths. Any noise (like gunplay) will attract more of them.

Zombie Sloth
HP: 1
Zombie: 1 action a turn. No Focus or Evade actions. Victims must make Save Test to avoid infection.
Tree Attack: They often lurk in trees above paths and drop onto passerby. Make a Save Test to spot them.

Zombie Tiger
HP: 4 
Zombie: 1 action a turn. No Focus or Evade actions. Victims must make Save Test to avoid infection.
Chomp: Tiger does 2 damage with Melee Attacks, instead of 1.

Zombie Flamingo
HP: 2 
Zombie: 1 action a turn. No Focus or Evade actions. Victims must make Save Test to avoid infection.
Flight: Zombie flamingos can fly awkwardly for short distances. They can move 1 zone and attack as one action.

Zombie Kangaroo
HP: 3
Zombie: 1 action a turn. No Focus or Evade actions. Victims must make Save Test to avoid infection.
Joey Attack: After a Zombie Kangaroo is killed in melee, there is a 2 in six chance a zombie joey (HP 1) will leap from the pouch to attack the player.

Zombie Elephant
HP: 12
Zombie: 1 action a turn. No Focus or Evade actions. Victims must make Save Test to avoid infection.
Trample: Test 2d6. On a success, enemy takes 3 damage.

Zombie Koala
HP: 1
Zombie: 1 action a turn. No Focus or Evade actions. Victims must make Save Test to avoid infection.
Sneak Attack: Zombie Koalas will try to quietly and slowly climb up the back of distracted players. They can make a Save Test to notice this (possible Disadvantage if they’re in combat). They will then bite the player (roll at Advantage) at the most dramatic moment.

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