Boot Hill 1st Edition – Fillable Character sheet

As a request, I’ve created fillable character sheets for the first edition of Boot Hill, the old west RPG from TSR. It was published in 1975, and was a little closer to a miniatures wargame than a RPG, but did have some basic advancement and campaigning rules.

I’ve made a couple of different versions. One is letter sized and another is half-letter (5.5″ x 8.5″) sized to match the original book. I’ve also made a spread version that has two half letter sizes to a page. You can click in the upper right-hand corner of each sheet to import an image.

In addition, I made a version of each in the color brown. These look a little more “Western”, especially if you print them on brown or cream paper. This is another in my unending series of RPG character sheets.

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