Cepheus Engine: Fillable Character Sheet – BETA VERSION

I’ve been playing around with creating my own version of a character sheet for the Cepheus Engine, the open source version of Traveller.

It’s based on my old Hostile character sheet. It uses a nice clean Eurostile font that I hope gives it a futuristic feel.

There’s a wound tracker that will automatically provide boxes to track injuries, based on what you fill in for the STR, DEX, and END stats. It will also calculate all of the encumbrance information on the second page. I’ve put a section on the first page for traits, if you use those. As with most of my character sheets, you can click on the upper right hand corner to add a picture.

I’m not completely sure this sheet is exactly how I want it yet, but I’m releasing it now to see if I can get any feedback. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Possible Changes:

  • Add a table tent
  • Change the sizes of the notes & history fields
  • There might be a little too much space for the Psionic Abilities
  • Perhaps red highlighting to recall the old Traveller books?
  • Possibly auto-calculate the stat modifiers?
  • Should I have more than one type of armor?
  • I’m not completely happy with the Cepheus Engine logo.

This is another entry in my enormous list of character sheets.

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