Nautilus of Time: Random Encounter table for a WIP Sci-Fi Scenario

I’m continuing my work for my entry in the game jam One Page Derelict Jam Winter 2021. The idea is to create a one-page science fiction scenario involving a derelict ship/space station/ etc. All of the entries are system neutral.

My submission is going to be called the Nautilus of Time. It’ll be about a derelict time-travelling ship suffering major malfunctions. I’m designing the adventure to be procedurally generated, based on the method Emmy Allen(who I’m a huge fan of) used in her OSR adventures Gardens of Ynn and The Stygian Library. Each location will be randomly generated as the players arrive in it. The ship will be completely different each time the adventure is run.

I’ve gotten most of the content completed. I just have to do a little editing, a touch of playtesting, and some page design. Here’s the encounter table I’ll be using:

Encounters – Roll 1d6 + Depth

  1. Neanderthals – Intelligent, Friendly, and Enthusiastic
  2. Maintenance Nanobot Swarm – roll 1d6 – 1-3 Harmless, 4-6 Murderous
  3. Future versions of PCs – Versions of each PC from 4 hours in the future, except one. They don’t want to talk about what happened to her (It was bad..really bad). All of them are slightly wounded and low on supplies.
  4. Fascinating Historical Figure – If you can’t think of one, assume it’s Napoleon Bonaparte
  5. Dinosaurs – Pack of 1d6 carnivorous dinosaurs
  6. Chrononaut Ghosts –  Flickering temporal remnants of the lost crew
  7. Time Cops – This ship is messing up the timeline. It’s their job to set it right – by any means necessary
  8. Ancient Warriors – 1d6+2 Assyrians, Mayans, Atlanteans, etc.
  9. More Goddamn Dinosaurs – 2D6 carnivorous dinosaurs
  10. Future Goo-Beast
  11. Past Versions of PCs – A copy of the players as they were when they started the adventure, with the same stats.
  12. Chronosharks – Beasts that feed on excess temporal energy. They can drain temporal energy out of living things. Not actually sharks.
  13. Evil versions of PCs – Versions of the PCs from an alternate timeline. They will be friendly at first, but will try to manipulate, confuse, and eventually kill the PCs to steal their ship.
  14. or higher – Re-roll 2d6 for Encounters

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