Nautilus of Time for Cepheus Quantum: Pregens & Monster Stats

I just ran a one-shot of The Nautilus of Time, a procedurally generated starship crawl I created for the One Page Derelict Jam Winter 2021. The players went four levels deep before fleeing for their lives. Only half of them winked out of existence when they tried to bring their alternate time-selves with them.

The game jam specified that the adventure had to be system neutral, so I when I ran it I had to choose a system. I went with Cepheus Quantum, a free one-page light version of the Cepheus Engine system (basically it’s Traveller).

I decided the players would be the crew of a small spaceship – the freighter Chang’s Folly – that would be the first ship to arrive at the derelict. Here’s the PDF of the pregenerated characters I handed out:


I didn’t stat out every possible encounter beforehand. Cepheus Quantum is a light enough system that I could just make them up on the spot. Here are the ones I actually used:

Assyrian Warriors
7 Endurance/15 Lifeblood
Spears 2D

Dinosaurs (Velociraptors)
11 Endurance/26 Lifeblood
Bite 1D

30 Lifeblood
Cutter 3D

Neon Spine Beasts
8 Endurance/16 Lifeblood
Neon Spine 1D+2 – Poison roll Physical 6+ or target dies in one round without aid.

Time Cops
7 Endurance/14 Lifeblood – Armor 6
Blaster 4D

Napoleon Bonaparte
8 Endurance/18Lifeblood – Armor 2
Sabre 4D

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