The Zines I’m Backing for Zine Quest 2020 (so far)

So Zine Quest 2020 is going on in February. It’s where a bunch of game designers create a bunch of small RPG zines for various systems.

I took I quick look at the list and soon found myself 80 dollars poorer. Here’s what I’m backing so far:

The Knights of the Road – An Into the Odd hack about 1920’s monster hunters. Shades of Hobomancer.

Through Ultan’s Door – I’d already bought (and enjoyed) the first two installments of this crazy dream-like OSR dungeon, so I thought I’d pick up the third.

Planar Compass Issue 2 – I also picked up Planar Compass 1. It’s a setting and rules supplement detailing planar & astral adventures in the OSR (Specifically OSE). It’s basically an updated Planescape.

The Vast in the Dark – Exploring Ruins in an Infinite World – An OSR setting about exploring vast Brutalist ruins.

Gamma Zine, Issue #3 – I love Gamma World, and very much liked the two previous issues, so this one was a no-brainer.

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