Dark Sun for Sword of Cepheus: Part IV – Gladiators

Here’s the next career for my Dark Sun conversion to Sword of Cepheus – the Gladiator. I pulled a lot of ideas from the Dark Sun: Complete Gladiator’s Handbook

Creating these careers is taking a little longer than I thought, but it is fun. Coming up with entries for the Mishap and Events tables really makes you think about the world the character comes from, and gives you ideas for scenarios. More Cepheus/Traveller designers should make custom careers for their worlds, instead of just using the stock ones. I think it adds a lot of flavor to a setting.


Warriors trained to fight for the entertainment of crowd in the stadia of the city-states.

Useful Traits for Gladiators: Blind Fighting, Combat Readiness, Hardy, Martial Artist, Signature Weapon, Vigilant

New Traits for Gladiators

The Dance of Whirling Blades: Can move and attack twice in one action. Must make an END 8+ roll to avoid dizziness. If the roll fails, they lose their second action and all attacks against them are at DM+2 until they recover in the next round.

Famed Champion: If the gladiator is in the home city where they fought, they get a +4 to all reaction rolls. +2 in other caravans, villages, and cities that trade with their home city.

QualificationSTR 8+
SurvivalSTR 9+
AdvancementDEX 10+
RankTitleSkill or Bonus
0Melee Combat-1
6Weapon MasterLeadership-1
7ChampionTrait: Famed Champion 

Mustering Out Benefits

110 cpWeapon
250 cpWeapon
3100 cp+1 STR
45 spArmor
530 spAlly
650 spMount
75 gpRetainer

Skills & Training

1DPersonal DevelopmentService1DSpecialistAdvanced Education
1+1 STRMelee Combat1AnimalsMedicine
2+1 DEXAthletics2CarousingStreetwise
3+1 END+1 STR3ArcheryTactics
4Melee CombatCarousing4StreetwiseSurvival


1A cheating halfling gladiator uses an Agony beetle on you: Roll on Injury table.
2Locked in a Pillory: Throw END 10+, if you fail you lose 1 point of END
3A Templar tried to fix a match, but you would not be bribed – gain an Enemy
4Branded! – You have a crime token tattooed to your face.  DM -2 to all reaction rolls
5King’s Pyramid – You must fight your way to the top of a greased pyramid to win a match. Throw DEX 10+. If failed, roll on Injury Table.
6An angry mob psionically attacks you during a match. Lose 1 point of INT.


2Mishap – Roll on Mishap table.
3You are sent to a distant arena away from the city. Gain Survival. Lose one benefit roll.
4Train as a Montare – Montare are gladiators who ride mounts. Throw DEX 8+. If you succeed, you gain Riding. If you fail, roll on the Injury table with a DM+2.
5You fight a beloved champion. Throw STR 8+. If you succeed, gain one promotion and an extra Benefit roll. If you fail, roll on the Injury Table.
6Gain Signature Weapon trait.
7Roll on the Life Event Table
8Work with the Reavers (they collect wild animals for the arena) – gain Survival
9Train with the beast trainer- Gain Animals
10A Noble becomes a loyal fan. Gain an Ally. You are automatically promoted.
11Train with or as a Jazst (performing fighters) – you gain the trait The Dance of Whirling Blades
12Psionics – A latent psionic ability becomes active – roll on Psionics Table

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