DoubleZero: Character Sheet for a Modern Action/Espionage RPG

DoubleZero from Dancing Lights Press is a RPG designed to replicate modern action/spy/thriller movies. It’s heavily inspired by the old James Bond RPG from the 1980s, but uses its own streamlined percentile based system. If you’re looking for an exact retro-clone of the James Bond game, try Classified.

The basic mechanic is super-simple: Every action has a difficulty Modifier ranging from 1 to 5. Five is the easiest, one is the hardest. The player multiplies their appropriate stat times the modifier. This is the target number they have to roll below on a d100 roll. All of the target numbers are on the character sheet for easy reference.

Example: Agent X, with a Strength of 15 is trying to force open a door. The GM sets the difficulty as Below Standard (4). The base chance is 60% to force the door.

What appeals to me is that the only thing the GM needs to worry about is setting the difficulty. The difficulty can be modified by skills and other things, but is always going to be from 1 to 5.

I haven’t actually run any of this yet, but I’m interested enough in the system to create my own 2-page fillable character sheet. Previously, I made a fillable version of the original DoubleZero sheet, but I wanted a larger, more printer-friendly version. This will perform the basic calculations of Target Numbers, and will allow you to import an character image.

This is yet another entry in my unending list of character sheets.

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