The Town that Stank of Death: A Spaghetti Western RPG sandbox zine

I’ve been putting together a zine detailing a setting for Jon Davis’ Western RPG – In the Light of a Setting Sun.

I’ve posted bits of it before, but I’ve cleaned it up a bit, added some detail, and posted it over on It’s set in a dying border town, similar to the one in Fistful of Dollars.

It’s called The Town that Stank of Death. The original title was Felicity (the name of the town), but like the producers of the spaghetti westerns of old, I thought a more dramatic title would get more attention. (Favorite spaghetti western title – Today We Kill..Tomorrow We Die!) –

The Town that Stank of Death (logo)

This is a PWYW 15-page zine that includes the following:

  • A cast of characters – townsfolk, desperadoes, and corrupt officials.
  • Notable places in and outside of town
  • MacGuffins to build adventures around
  • List of plot seeds
  • Pregenerated Characters

I had fun writing this, and am considering converting it to another Western RPG system. Possibly something new like Independence Games’ Rider, or something old like Boot Hill.

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