WIP: Electric Bastionland Character Sheet

I just got the print version of Electric Bastionland, the OSR Into The Odd influenced citycrawl game by Chris McDowall.

As I’m prone to do, my first thought was to create my own custom character sheet for it. It’s still a work in progress, but here’s what I have so far:

The city of Bastion gave me a sort of Art Nouveau vibe, so I thought I’d base the character sheet on that.

All of the swirly decorations are free vector files available online. I’m currently using the font P22Escher, but may replace it with something a little closer to actual Art Nouevau.

Stuff I’m not yet happy with:

  • The title – I may spread it out a little, perhaps put both words on the same line.
  • Colors – I may use a variety of autumnal colors to match the floral theme.
  • That center page divider still doesn’t look quite right to me.
  • I may want to add an area for a character portrait.

I’ll post the final version when finished. Open to any suggestions.

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