Vaults of Vaarn – Fillable Character Sheet & Pregens

Ran my first one-shot of Vaults of Vaarn, the OSR science fantasy RPG zine. It’s set in a far future wasteland Earth, littered with the technological remains of advanced super-civilizations, under a dying red sun. It’s very much in the tradition of the Dying Earth sub-genre. It’s sort of Numenera mixed with Gamma World. It is available as a Pay-what-you-want PDF over on It’s very much worth paying for.

Players can play Cacogens (mutant humans), Newbeasts (uplifted animals), Synths (robots), Mycomorphs (intelligent fungi controlling human corpses), or True-kin (non-mutant humans from sealed arcologies). The zine is stuffed with tables to provide artifacts, bandits, nomad groups, mutations, and other pieces of this broken future. It requires an experienced GM to flesh everything out, but there are lot of good and interesting prompts and ideas.

Basically the sun is going out, it’s the end of history, and you are combing through the wreckage of the unimaginable eras of the future. Everything that could possibly happen has already happened and faded to dust.

From the introduction to Vault of Vaarn #1

It uses a modified version of the Knave rules. Basically you roll a d20, add your stat bonus, and try and beat 15 to succeed for most things. Like Knave, it’s pretty compatible with most OSR material.

I needed to make some pregens, so I took the official character sheet and made it fillable. I think I’ll eventually make my own version, with a bit more space for notes, but this will work for now. I’m also including a PDF with the pregen characters I used. I’ve added this post to my ever-expanding list of character sheets.

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