The Best of the TroikaFest Jam – Part 1

So the Troika Fest Jam just ended. I’ve already posted about my entry, so I thought I’d highlight some of the other fun Troika! supplements that people have made.

I’ll admit I haven’t actually looked at all 120+ entries, but it’s good to support small creators, so I’d thought I’d highlight the ones I thought really stood out. These are in no particular order

Cannon Fodder by Enrico Geller

It’s set at the front lines of a World War One style conflict between a totalitarian order-obsessed nation called Die Lumens versus an anarchist front called the Ochlocrats. It includes 6 backgrounds, 6 Tactics (or Spells), and a bunch of sci-fi battlefield weapons.

Player can choose backgrounds from either side of the war, or as a neutral party. In the included adventure, both sides have to team up to stop a gigantic automated cannon that is attacking both sides of the front.

It’s got a lovely art style reminiscent of Shepard Fairey’s stuff (the artist is Mattia Panetti). This is probably the best-looking of all the entries I’ve seen.

Favorite Bit: There are multiple methods of stopping the cannon, most involving recovering some strange artifact. It’ll give the GM a lot of options.

Liquid Science Doom by Roz Leahy

Credence is a desert oasis city where all of the water is cursed. It’s riven by factions, and includes gods, cyborgs, thinking engines, and other bits of weirdness. It’s a fun little 16-page baroque fantasy desert setting.

Favorite Bit: Lamuron, the Curse Baron – An intelligent freshwater grub that sells a magic milk that is the only balm for the cursed water.

Moon’s Shot (spoilers at link)

Even for a Troika! adventure, this one’s pretty silly. The Council of Sky Elders have decreed that the players will be the crew of the first manned expedition to the moon. There are six short, silly encounters. The tone of the whole thing is overtly comic.

Favorite Bit: SPOILER (Highlight to view)

There is no moonshot. It’s all fake. The players “ship” is being lowered into a cavern. They are expected to keep up the ruse.


Musical Combat for Troika! by blark

This one’s pretty simple – it uses the Troika rules to simulate a “Battle of the Bands”. Each band is given stats like a player, and Advanced Skills representing the bands genre, look, etc. Each round of combat represents a song, and each type of instrument is treated as weapon. It’s short, only one double-sided page, with no wasted space.

These rules are clean and elegant, and close enough to the standard Troika! rules to make them easy to use. I’ve already got a few ideas on how to build a scenario around them.

Favorite Bit: It comes with specialized character sheet for bands in a separate PDF.

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