Dark Sun for Sword of Cepheus: Part IX – Fire Spells for Elemental Clerics

I’m continuing work on my conversion of the AD&D Dark Sun setting to the Sword of Cepheus system. My last post was the Elemental Cleric class. I’m now putting together a list of spells for each type of Elemental Cleric – Fire, Air, Earth, and Water.

Here’s my list of Sword of Cepheus spells for Elemental Clerics who serve Fire. I’ve given each of them two names – one is the standard D&D-style name that can be used a shorthand. The other is a more florid description, designed to give the spells a little more flavor. Many of the new names are referencing beings and places from the Elemental Plane of Fire as described in multiple D&D books.

I’ve concentrated on spells for lower levels of power, as Athas seems like more of a low fantasy style setting.

I’m not entirely finished with this list yet, and haven’t playtested anything yet, so I’m open to any suggestions. Here are all of my previous Dark Sun/Sword of Cepheus posts.

Critical Failures & Mishaps – Unfortunately, you are on fire.

Critical failures (SoC pg 67) for Fire clerics work normally. If a Fire cleric suffers a Mishap, instead of rolling on the Mishap table, assume instead the cleric cannot control the elemental forces and is set ablaze. Roll a d6 for every circle of the spell for damage. Example: Flame Walk, a 2nd circle spell would cause 2D6 damage to the caster, if they suffered a Mishap.

Spell List for Elemental Clerics of Fire

For some of the existing SoC spells, I’ve changed the circle of magic to better match the power levels in Dark Sun. I’ve marked these with an asterisk.

1st Circle

Cauterize wounds – Mercy of the Open Flame
Endure Heat – Strength of the Efreet
Faerie fire (pg 82) – Eye of the Fire Bat
Affect Flame – Speaker unto Flame
Spodomancy – Truth in Flame

2nd Circle

Fire Trap- Hospitality of Imix
Ignite Weapon – Azer’s Sting
Kindle flame* (pg 84) – Scorched Blessing
Flaming Palm – Hand of Kossuth
Smoke Signal – Salamander’s Tongue

3rd Circle

Create Smoke – Obsidian Wind
Flame Walk- Path of Zaamman Rul
Protection From Fire- Shield of Zaamman Rul
Burning Hands – Claws of the Salamander

4th Circle

Channel Flame – Salamander’s Egg
Flesh to Ashes (pg 82) – Imix’s Caress

5th Circle

Pillar of fire (pg 86) –  Breath of the Sultan
Conjure Fire Elemental – A Helion Shall Rampage

6th Circle

Fire Storm – Imix’s Delight

Spell Descriptions

Affect FlameSpeaker unto Flame
1st Circle
Range: 3m
Duration: 2 rounds per Elemental Magic skill rank
Can brighten or dim any open flame. Will not affect the damage or fuel consumption of the fire. Can also extinguish small fires.

Burning HandsClaws of the Salamander
3rd Circle
Range: Touch
Duration: 2 rounds per Elemental Magic skill rank
The caster’s hands burst into magical flame and can be used as weapons. 1d6 + STR DM damage. On a successful hit, throw 6+ for the target to catch fire. A burning target takes 2D damage per combat round for 1D rounds, or until the fire is extinguished.

Cauterize WoundsMercy of the Open Flame
1st Circle
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Can heal Minor Wound instantly. Only works for stabbing and slicing wounds. Will not work on energy or poison damage.

Channel FlameSalamander’s Egg
4th circle
Range: 120m
Duration: Instant
A ball of magical fire hits an area 6m in diameter. All creatures within the hit area suffer 6D damage, or 3D if they successfully throw DEX 8+.

Conjure Fire ElementalA Helion Shall Rampage
5th Circle
Range: 75m
Duration: Special
Can summon one fire elemental (SOC pg 104) per day. The cleric must maintain concentration or the elemental will go on a rampage attacking everyone in its path.

Create SmokeObsidian Wind
2nd Circle
Duration: 10 rounds
Will create a cloud thick black smoke in an area 3m in diameter for every level of Elemental Magic. Anything within the smoke must roll at a DM-3 to hit or any skill roll involving vision. Requires a existing fire within the spell area.

Endure HeatStrength of the Efreet
1st Circle
Range: Touch
Duration: 2 Hours
Can ignore extreme hot weather. No damage will be taken to exposure. Does not affect damage from fire.

Fire StormImix’s Delight
6th Circle
Range: 150m
Duration: 1 round per Elemental Magic skill rank
An area of 10m in diameter is filled with blasts of fire. Anyone in the affected area will take 2d6 per Elemental Magic skill level. Targets can throw DEX 8+ to halve the damage of this spell.

Fire TrapHospitality of Imix
2nd Circle
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent until activated
Creates a magical trap on any item that can be opened. If it is opened by any other being than the caster, it will emit a blast of flame in a 2m radius for 1d6 damage. The trapped item will not be harmed.

Flame WalkPath of Zaamman Rul
2nd Circle
Range: Touch
Duration: 2 rounds + Elemental Magic skill rank
Target can get a DM+3 to any roll to resist damage from fire. They can absorb up to 6 points of non-magical fire damage each round.

Flaming PalmHand of Kossuth
2nd Circle
Range: Touch
Duration: Until dispelled
A small harmless flame will appear in the caster’s palm. It will illuminate an area as a torch. It cannot be used as a weapon, though it can light campfires, oil, tinder, or anything flammable. This will cause the spell to end.

Ignite WeaponAzer’s Sting
2nd Circle
Range: Touch
Duration: 2 rounds per Elemental Magic skill rank
Can set one weapon ablaze with magical fire. Adds +1d6 damage to attacks.

Protection from FireShield of Zaamman Rul
3rd Circle
Range: Touch
Duration: Concentration
Can make one creature absorb up to 12 + 2 points per Elemental Magic skill rank of fire damage. Will protect target from magical fire. Can be cast on self.

Smoke SignalSalamander’s Tongue
2nd Circle
Range: 5km
Duration: 1 turn (10 minutes)
A caster can use any two fires of campfire size or above to communicate over long distances. The image of the caster’s face will appear in the smoke above the distant fire, and can speak.

Spodomancy Truth in Flame
1st Circle
Range: Touch
Duration: 5 minutes
Can touch a pile of ashes and determine what was burnt.

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