Paper Cylons: cutfiles for Battlestar Galactica paper minis.

I’m a big fan of using paper miniatures for RPGs. They’re cheap, can be printed in large quantities, and take up a lot less space than their plastic/metal counterparts.

One of my favorite paper minis designers is David Okum. Most paper mini artists just do D&D fantasy style figures, but David does a wide variety of genres – cyperpunk, pulp, steampunk, retro sci-fi, etc.

He has a great Patreon page where he’s constantly releasing new stuff, some of it only available on the Patreon. It’s genuinely worth subscribing to.

Recently he released a page of paper minis based on the robotic Cylons from the Original 1970s Battlestar Galactica TV show.

The only time consuming part of creating paper minis is cutting them out. However, if you purchase a paper cutting machine, available at most craft stores (I use a Silhouette Portrait), you can cut them out automatically. All you need to do is create a cutfile – a file that tells the machine where to cut.

You can get cutfiles from a number of different places. Some paper mini designers provide their own. You can find free ones in places like the Cardboard Warriors paper mini forums. Specifically, you can find cutfiles in this sub-forum.

There’s also a Patreon called Paper Realms that provides cutfiles for a number of different paper mini artists (including David Okum). If you print a lot of minis, it’s very much worth it.

For the Cylons, no cutfiles are yet available, so I’ve made my own. Here’s the link:

You’ll need a cutting machine, the original Cylon file, and the Silhouette Studio software (or whatever comes with your machine) to import the image and do the cutting. You should be able to print & assemble whole armies of Cylons.

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