Strontium Dog: Character Sheets for the Traveller Bounty Hunter RPG

Strontium Dog was a long running comic series that appeared in the British comic weekly 2000 AD. The premise was that in the 22nd century, mutant humans are a hated minority in the galaxy. A handful of mutants work as bounty hunters for the Search/Destroy agency, hunting down dangerous fugitives.

In 2008, Mongoose put out a setting book in the Strontium Dog universe using the Traveller rule set. It includes rules for creating mutants, new skills, and new equipment. The somewhat bleak, somewhat satirical setting is explained in great detail. You don’t really need to be familiar with the original source material to use any of this. It’s assumed players would be portraying mutant human bounty hunters, who would accept various missions to hunt down criminals across the galaxy. It’s kind of a Mandolorian-style spaghetti western in space.

It’s considerably less hard sci-fi than a standard Traveller game. There’s time travel, teleporters, other dimensions, and even sorcery. The Strontium Dog book requires a copy of Traveller (or the Cepheus Engine).

Mongoose no longer has the license to Strontium Dog. I believe it’s now owned by EN Publishing, who publishes their own SD game using the WOIN system. However, the Mongoose Traveller version is still apparently available as part of the Universes of Traveller bundle over on DriveThru.

I’ve taken the black & white character sheet from the PDF file of the Mongoose corebook and made it fillable.

I’ve also made my own custom, more colorful version of a character sheet. It’ll automatically generate wound boxes based on the stats. You can also click in the upper right hand corner to import an image. I’ve provided US Letter and A4 versions.

Yet another entry in my ever-growing list of character sheets.

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