Custom Calculations for Traveller/Cepheus PDF character sheets

In a previous post, I discussed creating your own custom fillable RPG character sheets in PDF, including adding custom scripts to perform calculations. This post is specifically designed for those creating Traveller or Cepheus Engine character sheets.

For the Traveller/Cepheus Engine sheets I’ve made in the past, I’ve created a series of JavaScript code snippets to add special features to a sheet.

They include code to do the following:

  • Automatically calculate the modifiers for each stat as they’re filled in.
  • Automatically create a series of wound boxes for STR,DEX, and END.
  • Calculate the UPP code for a character.

To make this easier for others to use, I’ve made a sample character PDF sheet that just contains the basic Traveller stats and the code to carry out the above functions. You can copy these fields onto your own custom character sheets. You’ll need a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat Pro to use this.

There are 6 fields set up with the names of the Traveller stats: STR, DEX, END, INT, EDU, and SOC. You can change the size, location, color, and font if desired, but for the formulas to work you cannot change the names of these fields.

Calculating Modifers

For each stat, I’ve also created a Modifier field: STRMOD, DEXMOD, ENDMOD, INTMOD, EDUMOD, and SOCMOD. Each of these has a custom calculation script that will automatically figure out the modifier for each stat.

Creating Wound Boxes

There are 48 check boxes that will be used to track wounds. There are 16 for each stat: STR_Chk.0-15, DEX_Chk.0-15, and END_Chk.0-15. You can change anything about these, except for their name.

There’s also a hidden text box named SetMedStatus. This will remain hidden, and will not be accessible to the users. It does, however, need to be on the sheet, because it contains the code that will automatically hide all of the check boxes above the entered stat value.

For example, if you set the STR field to 9, only the check boxes STR_Chk.0 through STR_Chk.8 will be visible.

Calculating UPP

I’ve added a UPP field that will automatically calculate the Hexidecimal UPP code based on the six stats. This has been set to read only.

If you have any questions about these, please let me know.

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