B/X Mars: A character sheet for an OSR Mars science fantasy RPG

I’ve always been a big fan of Barsoom/Dying Mars/Science Fantasy set RPGs. I’ve been maintaining a list of Mars games in this genre.

One of my current favorites is BX Mars by Michael Gibbons. It’s set on a dying Mars called Zerzura. It has a fun pulp science fantasy tone. It’s got dead cities, Red Martians, psionic technology, airships, ab-gods, Crimson Apes, and Deathspores.

The heart of the book is the vivid setting, and the author’s dramatic black and white illustrations. You can see a lot of examples in the BX Mars posts at the author’s blog or on their Instagram page.

It’s not a full rule set. It’s designed to be used with an existing B/X-style OSR game (i.e. OSE, Basic Fantasy, Labyrinth Lord). It includes custom classes (Princess, Thark!, Terran, Warrior, and Menton), Martian artifacts and equipment, a list of Mind Warp powers, and a list of skills(or masteries) that the players can learn. There’s also a brief, but comprehensive gazetteer to the important places and things on Zerzura, and a bestiary.

Over on his blog Metal Earth,the author has just announced the hardcover format will no longer be available at the end of the month, so if you’re interested in picking up a physical copy, you should buy it now.

I’ve been planning on running something in this world, so I’ve made my own character sheet to match the style of the rulebook, with the same fonts. It’s fillable and you can import an image by clicking in the upper right hand corner. This is another entry in my ever-expanding list of character sheets.

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