Judge Dredd for Traveller: A custom fillable character sheet

I’m a fan of the Mongoose adaption of Judge Dredd, the long-running British sci-fi comic. They put out two versions, a D20 version, and the version I prefer – the Traveller version.

Mongoose no longer has the license to Judge Dredd, but paper copies of the book can still be found. I don’t believe there’s a legal PDF still for sale.

I previously posted a fillable version of the original official sheet, but I wanted something with a little more space and room for details.

This 4-page character sheet will auto-calculate stat modifiers, and will allow you to import a character image.

The Lawgiver guns that Judges use have a lot of complicated ammo types, so I’ve made a separate sheet for tracking the different types of ammunition.

I’ve also included a sheet with details about the Lawmaster, the high-tech motorcycles Judges ride.

I’ve added this to my never-ending list of character sheets.

**UPDATE – fixed small typo

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