Cepheus Journal #007 – The Spy Issue

I’m a big fan of the the Cepheus Journal, the free RPG fanzine for the Cepheus Engine RPG system.

They recently released the 7th issue. It’s a got a theme of espionage.

It’s available for free at https://cepheusjournal.com/downloads/

It has a bunch of interesting articles:

  • An article on the various types of spaceship doors
  • A new sentient octopoid species
  • A discussion of LaGrange points
  • Why do people betray secrets? – A discussion of motivations for intelligence source in spy games
  • From Visby With Love – A espionage adventure set in 14th century Sweden

I’ve submitted two articles of my own:

  • A list of new biological enhancements for the cyberpunk Zaibatsu setting.
  • A system for creating and running intelligence networks.

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