Buffalo Commons: Park Rangers in Zeppelins

There’s a game jam that’s going to end in less than a day over on itch. It’s called Applied Hope: the Solarpunk & Utopias Jam. It’s about creating RPG materials set in hopeful or utopian futures.

I’ve made my entry – Buffalo Commons. It’s about park rangers flying zeppelins in the skies of the Great American Re-Wilderness!

In a post-Climate Calamity world the US Department of the Interior is slowly restoring the North American Great Plains to their wild state – prairie grasslands and buffalo herds.

Players are Prairie Recovery Officers – park rangers who patrol the vast plains in hydrogen-powered airships.

It’s a hack of Jason Tocci’s 2400 RPG. 2400 is a ultra-lite system with many, many hacks available. You can get the 2400 SRD as PWYW to create your own hack.


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