In the Light of a Ghost Star: fillable character sheets for a science fantasy RPG

I just ran a one-shot of In the Light of a Ghost Star, the rules-light science fantasy RPG from the Highland Paranormal Society.

The setting is the long-abandoned Earth in the far future, after the Sun has diminished into a white dwarf star. Players are humans from Mars, who travel to Earth to scavenge for the lost artifacts of the old world.

The game is run as a hex-crawl through a weird apocalyptic Earth with cockroach-men, mutant gorillas, and robots. The whole thing has a bit of a gonzo, Gamma World vibe. It’s got quite a bit of charm.

The system itself is very simple, taking up about half a page in the book. Characters have three stats: Fighter, Explorer, and Scientist. Each is assigned a die type. To test a stat die, the player rolls the die, and a value of 4 or more is a success.

There are PDF character sheets available, but I needed fillable versions to play online, so I made modified fillable versions of each. There’s a letter-sized wide sheet and a half page version as well. Both versions have the basic rules on them, and I’ve added the ability to import an image into the portrait window.

These are the latest in my ever-growing list of character sheets.

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