Omega 99: The Artemis Spacecraft

I’m continuing making content for Michael Brown’s Omega 99 setting, written for the Cepheus Engine. Here’s a new spacecraft design I’ve made for the Omega Moonbase.

The Omega 99 setting is a thinly-disguised adaptation of the Space: 1999 TV show from the 1970s. Earth’s moon has been mysteriously transported through space to distant part of the universe. The players are personnel at the Omega Moonbase, dealing with alien beings, strange technologies, and unknown threats.

In the original Omega 99 book, the Omegans have been given what is described as a “decommissioned jump-1 Edari vessel”. I’ve decided that in my game, the Edari (a somewhat friendly alien race) only gave the Omegans a jump drive. The ship itself, named the Artemis, was built by the Omegan engineers with ordinary human technology. The Omegans don’t entirely understand how the drive works, but can operate it.

Image from Shimmering-Sword (Deviant Art)

As the Artemis is Omega’s only jump-capable spacecraft, it’s used for trade, diplomatic, and exploration purposes. It’s never used for offensive purposes. It’s too valuable to risk.

The Artemis usually jumps to the outer part of a system, and a ferried Peregrine cutter is dispatched on a mission. If a mission is expected to last more than a week, the Artemis may jump away on other business. The Artemis may be supporting multiple missions at once, so it sticks to a strict schedule.

How to use the Artemis in a game

In game terms, the PCs will be given a mission and a Peregrine cutter. The Artemis will drop them off in a particular system, and will generally not get involved in the adventure. Normally, the Artemis will be a starting and ending point for adventures. This allows the GM to set a time limit for the PCs: either the Artemis will need to jump away after a period of time or will return at a specific time. The Peregrines aren’t jump capable, so if the players miss their rendezvous with the Artemis, they’ll be stuck in the solar system until Moonbase Omega sends a followup mission, or until the players can hitch a ride with a friendly (or unfriendly) alien spacecraft.

Artemis Spacecraft

Ship Name:Artemis
Total Cost:86.1MCr
Hull Configuration:Distributed (Can not enter atmosphere)
Hull Armour:1 layer of Titanium Steel (20 tons)
Jump Drive:Jump Drive B giving Jump-1 capability (15 tons)
Maneuver Drive:Maneuver Drive B giving Thrust-1 capability (3 tons)
Power Plant:Power plant rating B (7 tons)
Fuel:4 Jump(s) of length 1. 4 weeks of operation (168 tons)
Bridge:Standard bridge installed (20 tons)
Computer:Model 1 computer installed.
Electronics:Basic Military electronics package, lidar, radar, jammers. (2 tons)
Staterooms:2 Stateroom(s) installed, maximum occupancy 4 (8 tons)
Barracks Occupancy:Barracks installed, maximum occupancy 12 (24 tons)
Cargo Space:45.0
Misc’:Briefing room (10 tons) Fuel processor (1 ton) Fuel Scoop (1 ton) Laboratory (4 tons) Library (4 tons)
Vehicle Bays:Cutter Bay
Probe Drones(5) Bay
Turrets:Turret 1: Missile.
Turret 2: Beam Laser.
Generated with the Cepheus Shipyard application

This is the latest in my series of Omega 99 posts.

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