Cepheus Journal #8: The Retro Issue

The latest issue of the Cepheus Journal was just released. It’s free and worth a download.

The Cepheus Journal is a fanzine by and for fans of the Cepheus Engine (basically an open source version of the Traveller RPG)

The issues are generally given a theme. The theme for issue #8 is Retro Sci-Fi

Some highlights:

  • Space Force: After some alien incursions in the 1940s, a US and UN-backed organization called Space Force is founded to counter the alien threat. It’s a sort of UFO/X-Files/The Invaders mashup set in an alternate 20th century
  • Cepheus Lethality Rules: A fairly detailed set of rules for replacing the standard damage system with a hit location based lethality system. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but it looks (by design) incredibly deadly.
  • Space Patrol: Some ideas and rules for running a game in a old fashioned Space Patrol-style universe.
  • Future Galaxy: A retro sci-fi setting. It’s got domed cities, jet packs, and food pills.

One of the articles is my own take on running a game in the setting of H.G. Wells’ novel The War of Worlds. There are stats for Martian fighting machines, Heat-Rays, and some campaign ideas. I posted a preview of some of this in an earlier post.

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