The Lumberlands – Sasquatches – Black Hack conversion Part II

I’m continuing my conversion of the OSR zine Lumberlands (DriveThruRPG / to the Black Hack ruleset. Original post here.

This is a write-up of the Sasquatches, one of the main monster factions in the fantasy forest setting. These are just the mechanics – for the descriptions, you’ll need to get a copy of the Lumberlands zine (which you should do – it’s great!)

SPOILERS – If you’re planning on being a player in a Lumberlands game, read no further. These stats might ruin some surprises.


Worksquatch – HD 5

Fists – STR (1 Close) 8 dmg

Warsquatch – HD 8

Claws or Tusks – STR (1 Nearby) 10 dmg

Hurls Rocks or Logs- DEX (1 Nearby) 8 dmg

Bloodthirsty! deals double damage against targets below ½ max HP.

Brainsquatch – HD 4

Claws – STR (1 Close) 6 dmg

Spider Legs – Can scamper up walls and ceilings. One attack on the Brainsquatch per turn will be at Disadvantage.

Spellcaster! Brainsquatches know 2d4 of the following spells. As an Action cast one of the following spells – each spell has a Usage Die to track its limited power:

  • Level 1 – Magic Missile (Ud8) – 4 dmg to a Nearby target.
  • Level 1 – Charm (Ud8) – A Nearby NPC or Monster obeys a simple command and will perform a simple Action.
  • Level 1 – Light (Ud8) Creates dim light from a Nearby spot or object that lasts for Ud8 Minutes.
  • Level 1 – Shield (Ud8) – Gives the caster Arcane Mail (AV2) – when each Armour Die is Broken it’s gone for good.
  • Level 2 – Sleep (Ud6) – Roll 1d8 for each HD the Wizard has, Nearby Creatures with fewer HP than the sum are Paralyzed.
  • Level 2 – Web (Ud6) – Traps a Nearby area, stopping movement – lasts d6 Minutes.
  • Level 3 – Darkness (Ud4) – Pure darkness covers a Nearby area and blocks all types of vision – lasts d4 Minutes.
  • Level 3 – Dispel Magic (Ud4) – Removes or reverses the effects of a Nearby Arcane spell.

Coven-Mother – HD 10

Claws – STR (1 Close) 10 dmg

Psychic Blast – (Ud6) – 1d6 Nearby Creatures must make a successful INT Test or take 8 dmg.

Queen of the Hive – (Ud6) – can summon 1d6 Warsquatches

Half-squatch – HD 3

Claws – STR (1 Close) 4 dmg

Violent! When reduced to 0HP, instead of removing the half-squatch – keep them for 1 more Moment.

Special Sasquatch Superpowers

The Lumberlands book has a table of optional powers you can give individual Sasquatches (pg 24). Here’s how they’d work in game terms.

  1. Can see heat patterns – Players trying to hide from the Squatch make rolls at Disadvantage
  2. Roll into a ball – Players must make DEX rolls to avoid 5 pts damage and being bowled over.
  3. Long, sticky tongue – DEX to avoid being grappled, STR roll to break free
  4. Gas – Roll CON to avoid unconsciousness for 1d6 rounds, and lose 1d4 HP per Character Level
  5. Barbed Spines – DEX to avoid – 4 dmg
  6. Bony armor – May ignore the damage from one Attack per fight.
  7. Distending jaw – STR test to avoid being swallowed. 3 dmg per round when swallowed. STR test at Disadvantage to crawl out.
  8. Wings – Twice per battle, the squatch may make two Movements per Moment.
  9. Hornets – CON (1 Close) 2 dmg
  10. Missile Fists – DEX roll to avoid being grabbed, or losing an item.

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