Mercator: Ancient Rome, Classic Traveller – Custom Character Sheet

At the request of a commenter on my Traveller: 1700 post, I’ve also made a character sheet for Mercator (scroll down to find it), the free supplement for Classic Traveller that allows you to run adventures in the Roman Empire in the 1st and 2nd AD.

It has a set of Traveller careers, rules for naval battles, trading rules, and a quick description of the Mediterranean ports and lands the players might visit.

Note that Mercator is designed to be used specifically with the original Classic Traveller books (DrivethruRPG), specifically Traveller Book 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, and Supplement 4 (you especially need Supplement 4 if you want to use bows).

You could certainly get it working with a newer edition of Traveller or the Cepheus Engine, but would require a little conversion.

The character sheet is fillable, two pages, and allows you import an image. As with all my other Traveller sheets, it’ll auto-calc the modifiers and create check boxes for wounds. I’ve made both an US Letter and an A4 version. I’ve added it to my ever-lengthening list of character sheets.

Note: On that Traveller Freebie page that has Mercator, there’s also a Soviet Sci-Fi RPG called Kosmos 68 for which I’ve previously made a sheet.

The author of this supplement, Paul Elliot went on to produce two other Roman Empire themed RPGs that might be of interest. They’re not Traveller, but have their own custom 2d6 system. I own both of these, but haven’t got around to playing them yet.

43AD – The players are Roman soldiers occupying Britain, fighting both the natives and older, supernatural horrors.

Zenobia – A fantasy RPG set in the Near East of 260AD. There’s are free version at the link, along with a link to the fancier paid version.

3 thoughts on “Mercator: Ancient Rome, Classic Traveller – Custom Character Sheet

  1. Again fantastic work: I have both the 43 AD and Zenobia games and they are quite good. Not to impose too much, but in perusing your ever-expanding archive of sheets I noticed there is no Classic Traveller one…is that by design? Or did I miss it?


    1. I tend to produce sheets for games that don’t already have fillable sheets. I haven’t really looked, but I had assumed there were already fillable CT sheets available. Is that not the case?


      1. I haven’t seen one for Classic Traveller: other versions yes. Maybe I should use you guide on how to do it myself? 🙂


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