Night of the Ninja: A Character Sheet for an extremely dead RPG

People in the 80’s loved ninjas. There were magazines, books, and an endless number of ninja movies. Not one was good, but most were kind of fun. There were, of course, Ninja RPGs. The best known is probably Ninjas & Superspies from Palladium Games, but there were others.

In 1986, IIE Games Corps (now defunct) Published Night of the Ninja. It’s one of the most 1980s games ever made. It’s long out of print, and no legal PDFs are available.

The game itself appears to be a serviceable little percentile system. I haven’t tried it yet, but I may run a one-shot one day.

Here’s a mini-review of NotN over on the Precis game blog

Notable things about the system:

  • The GM is referred to as the NM or “Ninja Master”
  • From the Preface – “I would like to explain that NOTN is not an attempt to capitalize on the current Ninja hype and popularity, but was made to appeal to serious students of the martial arts.”
  • Detailed rules for “Leaping Attacks”
  • Long detailed descriptions of all of the martial arts weapons. Pretty much anything you’d see in the ads in a 1980s martial arts magazine
  • There was going to be a follow-up module called Enrage the Night – it was never published.

No separate character sheets are available, so I have created a simple fillable version of the character sheet from the rulebook. I’ve added it to my ever-expanding list of character sheets.

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