The Lumberlands – More Creatures – Black Hack conversion Part IV

I’m continuing my conversion of the OSR zine Lumberlands (DriveThruRPG /, the fun lumberjack fantasy setting, to the Black Hack ruleset.

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This is a list of stats for the rest of the monsters found in the the Lumberlands Zine. As before, these are just the stats – physical descriptions are in the zine itself.

I’ve only included stats for the creatures that one might actually fight. I’ve skipped any creature that are just there for atmosphere (like the Bard Vine). I’m also skipping creating stats for the NPCs listed in the book.

I’m about done with this little project, though I may add some Lumberland-style spells to replace the ones in the Black Hack book. I’m thinking of things like Summon Flapjacks, Misery Whip, Blanket Fever etc.

Once it’s completely finished, I’m going to put all of this into a nice PDF booklet.

Baudekin, The Squirrel City (pg 25)

Band of Squirrels – HD 2

Bite – STR (1 Close) 3 dmg

Portal Land (pg 29)

False Ones – HD 4

Jagged Maw – STR (1 Nearby) 5 dmg

Hypnogogic Conversation! Make an INT roll to avoid performing one Action of the False One’s choosing.

Woad-Oxen (pg 30)

Woad-Oxen Warrior – HD 5

Spear Thrust – STR (1 Nearby) 8 dmg

Throwing Knives – DEX (1 Nearby) 4 dmg

Gloaming Camouflage Paint! At twilight, the first initiative DEX roll is at Disadvantage.All missile attacks at twilight are at Disadvantage.

Deadly Plants (pg 34)

Flock of Tree-Gulls – HD 1

Pecking – STR (1 Close) 1 dmg

Flock! All Nearby Tree-Gulls share their HP equally as one communal ‘pool’.

Lonesome Pine

Transmogrify! Sleepers must make INT roll to avoid being changed into pine trees.

Deadwood Skeletons – HD 1

Bony Claws – STR (1 Close) 3 dmg

Wolfthorn Wooden Dog – HD 2

Soft Jaws – STR (1 Close) 1 dmg

Pack tactics! When Attacking roll a 1d4, if the result is under the number of Nearby allies, deal that value as damage to the target.

Genius Flytrap – HD 5

Branches – STR (1 Nearby) 6 dmg.

Snagged! Victims hit by branches will be pulled Close towards the Flytrap’s mouth.

Swallow – STR (1 Close) 4 damage.

Swallowed by Flytrap! Deals Ongoing Damage that requires a STR Test at Disadvantage to end.

Spellcaster! 40% chance it knows 1d6 spells from level 1d4.

Root Brain! Unless destroyed by acid, a dead flytrap will regenerate in 2d4 days.

Things of Nightmare (pg 41)

Syrupoid – HD 3

Gooey Slap – STR (1 Close) 4 dmg

Absorption! Deals Ongoing Damage that requires a STR Test to end.

Vampire Saw – HD 4

Jagged Blade – STR (1 Close) 5 dmg

Bloodthirsty! deals double damage against targets below ½ max HP.

Axe-Murderer – HD 5

Axe Hands and Feet – STR (3 Nearby) 6 dmg

Unyielding Hunger! When injured by the Axe-Murderer, make a CON roll to avoid infection. If infected, the victim will have all future rolls at Disadvantage if they haven’t eaten in the last ten minutes.

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